Profitable Sustainability

Sustainability is an essential catalyst for business success. Large corporations like GE, Wal-Mart, IBM and Google have implemented successful sustainable practices in their operations. They are proof that there is a clear link showing that companies that are sustainable can also be profitable, as they are better poised to market their product/services and survive in the long run.

With the limited time and resources that small businesses generally face, business owners must pick a sustainable program that adapts to their size and needs, and can help them identify the most important business impacts and highest ROI.

The Orange County SBDC has developed the Profitable Sustainability Program with the components of training and one-to-one consulting tailored to the small businesses’ demands.

The Profitable Sustainability Program provides small businesses with:

  • An understanding of sustainability as a strategic direction
  • A framework to implement sustainable practices
  • A streamline approach to provide the necessary resources

The Profitable Sustainability Program is designed to help small businesses in Orange County to be more effective and viable in their operations, and to increase their profits as well as social and environmental stewardship.

Contact the Orange County SBDC at 714 564 5200 to learn more about how the Profitable Sustainability Program can help you develop and implement a sustainability plan for your business.

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